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Ring body winding packaging machine - vertical packaging machine

Issuing time:2009-11-18 19:01

Ring body winding packaging machine - column packaging machine

Break down

Column ring-body winding packing machine is a unique winding packing machine which is specialized in designing and manufacturing the ring objects of metal materials such as steel belt (such as needle roller bearing, steel belt, stainless steel wire, rigid ring, alloy aluminum plate, etc.). Its advantage depends on completely replacing the manual production of winding packing and packaging

The key characteristics of

Select omronPLC programmable control.

Touch type industrial touch screen display: if arbitrary type steel strip diameter, inside diameter, total width, microcomputer system software automatically set winding 2 packaging length and turn number.

The operation flow is simple, it can display the information automatically, and it has the function of displaying the difficult problem content in Chinese.

When the packaging is finished, the rotary ring will automatically position itself accurately.

PC polycarbonate hot dip zinc is used for the roller and roller that touch the surface of the steel belt.

The packaging ring body adopts alternating current frequency conversion central air conditioning variable speed, and the coincidence degree of the winding belt can be adjusted according to the packaging regulations.

With the role of label stickers, packaging more solid, self-adhesive label paper enterprises well-known brands, beware of counterfeiting.

According to the characteristics of consumer goods, the design of a variety of professional specifications of the ring-body packaging machine.

The basic parameters

The total width of coil steel is 200mm-250mm

Coil diameter 400mm-600mm

Coil inner diameter 200mm-400mm

Packaging raw materials/total width composite paper tape /40mm-70mm

The diameter of the raw material roll is 500mm

Packing rate 3185 mm

Cache file cache buffer roller width to height ratio 365 mm

Cache file Cache buffer roller is installed 605kg

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