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How does the horizontal winding packaging machine factory distinguish the winding packaging machine

Issuing time:2009-12-25 09:45

Horizontal winding packaging machine manufacturer is how to distinguish between winding packaging machine, winding packaging machine in addition to the name of the difference, in a part of the change is also different. Let's talk about the differences we can see.

1. The tube is easy:

The whole process of wrapping is controlled manually with a relatively low packing rate, and the rotating speed ratio of the wheel or spiral arm and the size of the rewinding machine cannot be adjusted. Therefore, the amount of wrapping overlap, the number of winding and superposition layers, the height of wrapping and the amount of the opposite edge of the goods can not be connected with the production line.

2. Fully automatic:

It is manually added equipment to control the whole process of packaging, packaging speed is relatively low, wheel rotating arm speed ratio, the size of the rewinding machine can be adjusted anytime and anywhere, can be set in advance the overlap amount of plastic film packaging, product packaging height, the amount of side and the number of wrapping layer.

3. Automatic type:

The two common winding methods of plastic film winding machine (that is, production line) are the automatic control system of wrapping machine, which is very high compared with the two next to the capsulation rate. Is type models can immediately and automatically production line above the conveyor belt to carry out the connection and practical automatic control system is able to connect the master machine in the production line to carry out the unified control of goods feed and output, the operation of the conveyor belt, and automatic clear packaging management center: all of the main parameters adjustment for presetting, capsule and cutting equipment is fully automatic electric control: network security and safety clasp with can tear open outfit, thus to ensure life safety of operating personnel.

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