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Wire winding packing machine factory tell us the performance of winding packing machine is what kind

Issuing time:2010-01-11 10:01

Wire winding packaging machine manufacturers tell you the performance of the winding packaging machine is how

We should master the performance of the wrapping machine when we apply it so that we can give full play to it.

1. Rotary tension film shelf makes packaging more inseparable to cater.

2. Promote the necessary parts to make the packaging more extreme.

3. The rotary table starts and stops slowly to avoid the goods falling down in an instant.

4. The turntable is calibrated to ensure accurate positioning during delivery.

5. Adjustable spacing of plastic film, more economical packaging raw materials.

6. The number of insulating layers and packing frequency of the bottom and top are conveniently adjusted.

7. Optical measurement, automatic sensing of packaging height.

8. Reliable overvoltage protection, easy maintenance and practical operation.

9. Manual and electric vans are preferred.

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