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Metal tape wrapping machines tell you why some businesses pack things quickly.

Issuing time:2009-11-16 18:54

With the continuous improvement of social development and consumption power, people have higher and higher requirements on product packaging. The selection of high-order packaging can strengthen the brand image of products and enhance the display function on storage shelves.

How can some company pack bag so fast, manpower also is same much? Why is that? Look at it!

The winding machine pushes all the assembly of the winding baling machine to do exercises around and around, so as to achieve the winding of the height and width of the object, which completes the wrapping of all the surfaces of the object. That is not only conducive to the storage of goods, transportation and mechanical automatic loading and unloading handling work of the packaging provisions, but also to avoid the goods in the whole process of transport damage, with anti-fouling, waterproof and cleaning services, but also reduce product costs, improve productivity. In the whole winding process, the key is to adjust the tension force of the plastic film and its penetration through the film. Generally, the tightening level of the plastic film can be achieved by adjusting the rotational speed ratio of the wheel and the motor.

The main use of the metal tape wrapping machine is much more than this, because it has such a great effect, it will be favored by more and more companies.

In the manufacturing process, it is stipulated that the winding machine has high production efficiency, high credibility and high cost performance ratio for packaging products, so the winding machine itself should have a certain precision. The higher the precision of winding machine, the higher the production precision of machinery and equipment, the higher the specification of raw materials for parts, and the higher the cost of machinery and equipment manufacturing. Therefore, the precision of winding machine must be in accordance with a variety of regulations, everyone's professional and technical personnel are all in the development of the whole level of comprehensive analysis after the design scheme.

Rely on the metal belt winding stretch film wrapping machine after rashin contraction force will promote wrap packaging products, produce a compact, not module of interior space overall, make our products all the pallets are inseparable in cyst, can avoid reasonably in the whole process of transportation product replacement and move to each other, and adjustable ShenLi can make hard products close to, make RuanSu tightening products, especially in the tobacco industry and the textile industry has a distinctive packaging effect.

Cost saving: using the winding film of the wrapping machine to carry out product packaging can reasonably reduce the application cost. The selection of winding film is only about 15% of the original box packaging, about 35% of PE thermal shrinkage film and about 50% of paper box packaging. In addition, it can reduce workers' labor efficiency and improve packaging efficiency and packaging level.

Guangdong Siao Information Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009 and belongs to Qinwang Group. Key and full automation technology, automatic assembly line, packaging industrial equipment product research and development, production, sales integration business process, all kinds of products have been all sorts of certificate of invention patent in our country, the main business products: cable automatic packing production line, automatic winding machine series products, waterproofing materials of amorphous strip winding packaging machine series product, the translation type pipe winding packaging machine series, single head handstand type wire drawing machine series products and other hardware manufacturing boiler auxiliaries series products.

At present, the key technical elite team of the enterprise has more than 10 years of work experience in product research and development of automatic machinery, we uphold customer-oriented, honesty, people-oriented, and for the good management philosophy, to show customers stable, reasonable, environmental protection and energy-saving machinery and equipment technology and quality after-sales maintenance services.

Siao information technology ambition to become China's full automation technology hit packaging machinery manufacturing industry well-known brand!

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