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How to extend the service life of wrapping machine

Issuing time:2009-11-16 18:41

Everyone wants to increase the life of an application object. For example, on a mobile phone, people will buy a protective film on the case. How to increase the service life of the wrapping machine?

The service life of the wrapping machine is limited due to the poor operation of some customers or the problems of the equipment itself.

1. Reduce the friction damage of parts

In order to reduce the amount of wear, wear-resistant materials should be selected as far as possible on the components of the winding packaging machine, and the friction resistance should be reduced as far as possible when designing the appearance of the components in mechanical equipment. For example, the application of high manganese content and Xi soil aluminum alloy in the production of soil layer production processing components, the coating of abrasion resistant materials such as polyfluoroethylene on the inside wall of the plough, the application of roller bearing plough to change the drag friction with the soil layer to the flip friction, and so on, all relatively reduce the wear amount.

2. Reduce fatigue damage of parts

In the whole manufacturing process of winding packaging machine to develop the appearance of parts glossiness, the selection of analog relief of cross-sectional considerations, in order to reduce the stress of parts. In addition, the application of nitriding, heat treatment, and other methods to further improve the strength, ductility and wear resistance of the parts, but also to get good practical results.

3. Reduce corrosion damage of parts

In order to better prevent corrosion of parts, corrosion resistant materials such as nickel, chromium and zinc are often coated on the appearance of metal parts of the wrapping machine, or metal parts are coated with oil, and non-metal parts are coated with corrosion-resistant paint, etc., to prevent the parts from direct contact with hazardous substances. The electric potential difference of the appearance of a part can also be reduced by developing the gloss of the part appearance. This is usually done immediately by the manufacturer.

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