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How to install the horizontal winding packaging machine

Issuing time:2009-12-18 19:31

How to use a wrapping machine is tempting to anyone who touches the equipment of a wrapping machine for the first time. And I recently met a group of very powerful customers, they are also engaged in industrial equipment processing plants, can completely do not need manufacturers after-school guidance, their own installation adjustment operation. But the customers of the machinery manufacturing industry are only a part of it. Now the horizontal winding packaging machine manufacturer will share the installation method of the winding packaging machine with everyone.

1. When taking the winding machine out of the freight logistics truck, there is a special electric forklift hole on the equipment, and the hole shall not be less than 1100Mm in diameter, and the hole shall be removed and put into the working direction of the winding packaging machine. The column limit of the standard winding machine shall be higher than 2200Mm.

2. Put the line motor and its control in automobile chassis round hole directly, then used after specialty will be the main pillar led is key to open the main pillar behind the HouGaiBan, take 4 self-contained silk will be the main pillar and machine chassis's tight fixed, requirements in mind, the former could not press the power line in the bottom of the wheel, easy broken on the power line.

3. Remove the control line from the hole, and the professional technical personnel of electrical equipment will connect the line to the power line. Access switch power supply,L to the front, N to zero line, PE wire connector.

That way you can easily install the wrapping machine.

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