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What are the commonly used winding and packing machines

Issuing time:2009-12-21 09:41

What are the common types of winding packaging machines

At the present stage of the sales market winding packaging machine manufacturers are more and more, the ring body winding machine has become the first priority of choice winding packaging machine. Winding packaging machine which good according to the purchase of winding packaging machine model to develop, different models of the purchase of specifications are not the same.

1. Standard tow-disk winding machine. It is very easy to determine which is better for this winding and packaging machine.

After determining the model and specification, pay attention to the packaging machine's household appliances, and whether it is open and close the mold, the wheel is a single drive chain or double chain drive, or a synchronous belt drive.

2. The ring body winding machine, the winding packaging machine is for just ring, stainless steel wire, aluminum roll etc, design scheme, because the non-standard machine belongs to, and so clear when winding packaging machine manufacturer which is arduous ROM should consider the design scheme of work ability, is able to own packaging rules, and the dealer's customers even of choose and employ persons is in each domain. In many cases, work experience trumps basic theory.

3. Full automatic drum winding machine. This machine is designed for drum paper and ring-shaped parts without cloth protection. And the ring body winding machine is also classified as non-standard mechanical equipment, clear winding packaging machine which good in addition to the ring body machine and the same several aspects, also should pay attention to is the level of automation technology of this machine. It is impossible to compare the manpower and construction time saved by fully automatic technology and automatic assembly line.

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