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Points for attention before the initial installation of horizontal winding packing machine factory

Issuing time:2010-01-15 10:04

Common problems of horizontal winding packaging machine manufacturer before initial installation

Wrapping machine is widely used in export trade, papermaking industry, dyeing agent, plastic chemical plant, food industry, irrigation and other goods container cost, improve productivity, and can avoid the goods in the whole process of transportation damage, and has anti-fouling, waterproof and cleaning services.

1. After the machine arrives on the spot, check whether the machine and its parts and accessories listed in the packing list are complete and whether the machine is damaged in delivery.

2. Open according to the specific part of the packing case (careful not to damage the winding packing machine), check the equipment and any spare parts according to any packing list.

3. Read the instructions in detail, and carry out installation, adjustment and application.

4. The equipment should be installed in the dry indoor air that produces dust, has no inflammable organic chemical Chinese medicine preparation and has corrosive effect on the machine. The temperature range is -10-40, and there is no condensation water.

5. Put part of the turntable on the level road surface, and connect the plastic film system software guiding vertical rod and part of the turntable well. Install the steep slope (accessories, also purchased) on the same plane of the turntable. It should be convenient for the goods to be placed or removed in the middle of the work. Pay attention to the position and the space between the parts and the turntable.

6. Check whether all limit switches, limit switch arms and limit switch blocks are damaged and can be used normally in appropriate places.

7. Try to produce appropriate, stable and reliable fixed switching power supply (temporary wires are not allowed).

8. The transmission chain and reducer of the original machine and equipment have been wetted or dripped oil, please make sure before operation.

9. Access the switching power supply, turn on the air leakage switch in the electrical control cabinet and the main switch of the actual operation board to control the power supply. After the machine is powered on and checked, it is in standby state and can be adjusted.

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