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Why does the horizontal winding packaging machine deform?

Issuing time:2010-02-01 10:10

The production of horizontal winding packaging machine imperceptible deformation, how so, people will ask it! I will take you to explore the horizontal winding packaging machine deformation of the hope. When we use the horizontal winding packaging machine, we sometimes find that the horizontal winding packaging machine appears to be deformed. The material used by the horizontal winding packaging machine is not easy to be deformed. Although it has been used for many times, it is not particularly much.

1. There is a problem with the placement of the wrapping machine. The unevenness of the ground will lead to the deformation of the turntable. The unevenness of the ground will not only cause the deformation of the turntable, but also affect the service life of the machine, leading to more faults.

2, related to the placement of items, causing the center of gravity of the object to shift. If the center of gravity of the goods is offset, then it must lead to the nylon roller in the rotation of uneven stress, for a long time, it will cause the rotary table deformation.

3. This is related to the nylon roller under the tray of wrapping machine. Perhaps because it is too little, or because it is wear phenomenon, as is known to all, winding packaging machine tray under radial nylon roller mainly have the effect of hold turntable, so in this aspect cannot careless, but some customers in order to save costs, reduce the amount of nylon roller, then wrap packaging machine in use for a long time, can appear a lot of disadvantages, leads to increased failure rate of equipment in the use of late.

4, the cover plate of the rotary table is too thin, we need to replace the cover plate on the rotary table of the winding packaging machine, the price is not expensive, the customer do not bother to do.

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