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Vertical automatic winding packaging machine
类型: equipment
规格: 1PCS
品牌: Siao intelligent Technology

Vertical automatic winding packaging machine

parameter of apparatus

appearanceThe whole equipment has no defects such as damage and deformation, and the paint surface is not missing. The delivery list is consistent with the real thing.
soundWhen the equipment is running, it has no noise, and the mechanism is not stuck.
Effect of packingMaterial coil packaging material winding tight, no loose, no wire exposed phenomenon; Packing materials fit and lap well.
Package size and reel weight rangeCoil diameter of incoming material:
1external diameterDMax= 1000   mm* inner diameterdMin= 650 mm*thicknessHMax500 mm
2external diameterDMax= 700 mm*inner diameterdMin= 260 mm* thicknessHMax500   mm
Packing material sizePVC braided tape coil size:
D400* d52* width B90 mm
PE tape coil diameter size:
Od D120* ID D30 * width B60 mm
Coated fiber paper (high strength oily paper) roll diameter size: none
Equipment appearance sizeThe size shown in the equipment plan is the design size, and the physical appearance of the delivery machine shall prevail during acceptance.
  • Packing efficiency

Single material {single PVC braided tape or any other packing material (only the above specified materials) with closing action} single-layer packing efficiency is 100kg one roll /1 minute.
packing materialComposite tape/braid/plastic film W≦250mm
boundary dimensionL3000mm*W3500mmx*H2500mm

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