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Vertical winding packaging machine
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The breakdown of the baler is reflected in the packing effect

  In the use of the baling machine, fault is inevitable, but the reason for the baling machine fault, you can see from the packing effect, that is to say, the packing effect performance is different, it is reflected in the different fault. If users can find these abnormal phenomena early in the process of using, they can also find the problems more quickly, so as to eliminate them in time. Then, Siao xiaobian for you to introduce the common abnormal performance, and the corresponding performance may be the cause of failure.
Full automatic bottom baling machine

1. Abnormal sound at work. The reason that this kind of phenomenon causes is more, it is the case that common parts have loosened commonly more, you can check each connect a place simply, frequent use part, the part inside, try fastening it is OK. In most cases, it can be undone.

2. The packing is always broken. There are two main reasons for the occurrence of belt collapse: one is that the bonding time is relatively short, and the packing belt is not fully integrated; the other is that the bonding time is relatively long, and too much bonding of the packing belt will lead to the situation of belt collapse. The two cases are relatively easy to distinguish, so you can adjust the heating time of the perm according to the different situations.

3. Cut with burrs. After using the baling machine for a period of time, there will be cutting with burr phenomenon, then the user will attract attention, this may be the baling machine cutter wear serious performance, should promptly buy the cutter, when the machine can no longer cut the band, timely replacement.

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